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old news..
11/28/05: I got very tire and did not sleep when I was inking this page today. so you will notice ink line is out of place.
11/21/05: this is the last page I am writing in 2005
11/18/05: this is the second to the last page that I am writing before this story writing is taking over by L. Piksia. but I be back to writing somewhere in 2006
11/14/05: adding color in each panel take too long.What?? 8 panel?? How did the people at the simpsons do it every weeks? oh yeah, that have a team of people.
11/11/05: page 24 to 27 have not been poofread. I don't know where my poofreader is.
10/31/05: today i have a Halloween guest comic by a fan. I been geetting email from fans asking me when Hamster City going to be a manga. It will be a Manga when I have 180 page. 24 down and 156 page to go. if you are counting then you will see it may take a very long time.
10/21/05: sorry if I bebcome more lazier on my work. I will try to spend more time on the story and art..
10/17/05: It being 6 days since last update, sorry. I had a huge workload at my job.
10/11/05: Drawing is easier then writing for me, that why you see no words bubble in page 20. Sorry my comic been late. i spend too much time over the weeks watching the Naruto marathon and other anime. they have 154 episode of Naruto in japan. episode #155 is on tonight.
10/03/05: page 18 have not been proofread.
page 18 should be up today but will be late because I have not gotten a reply back from my proofreader
9/25/05: a new proofreader have join my comic team.
9/23/05: Opp. I keep forgetting to add the hair to Tina. I hope I don't forget in page 16.
9/14/05: I Just added page 11 and did it in halftone for reason which i have forgotten why.
9/12/05: I Just added page 10 and remove some detail so it easier on me.
9/11/05: I Just added page 9 and I spend more time on page 4 to 9 this page to give it more detail.

I will be adding comic at a rate base on how many hit and fan mail I am getting.

I will be adding coming at a rate of 3 to 5 page per week.
I will go faster if my fan sends me an e-mail telling me they love the story and can't wait and need me to add more page faster.